Re: Saturday QSDCA Matches (B & C Grades) and Sunday 50 Over Matches this weekend UPDATED Thu 16-Sep

In response to several enquiries and some deadlines which are piling up here’s what’s happening with new balls, scorebooks, team list books and Regulations Handbooks.

Please let teams and captains be aware of the following information.

Match balls, Scorebooks, Team list booklets and Handbooks will be issued later this week. Please contact Mel Lowings on 0419 739 826 to arrange pickup or delivery as suitable.

Team lIsts for 2021/22 and the QSDCA Handbook can be previewed here.

For the benefit of the many new clubs (and any that need reminders):

  • All Saturday QSDCA matches will begin at 12.30pm this Saturday. (CCC matches will be different.)
  • First match will be a 35 Over One Day match.(CCC matches will be different.)
  • First round draws are now posted at MyCricket.
  • Unfortunately due to ground shortages the Round 1 match C4 Brisbane Saints vs Redlands on is scheduled for Sunday 19th September. (Same as other games, just played Sunday.)
    • C4 19 Sep 21 12:30PM Brisbane Saints CC v Redland Sharks @ Judy Holt Park Oval 1

Any club which requires an Interim Player Clearance for a new player please fill out this form LINK and email

There are 10  3 clubs with outstanding Insurance certificate of currency.

These clubs will not be permitted to take the field unless a current certificate is filed with the Association Secretary before start of play.

If you have any further questions please email