UPDATED 16-Jul-2020


Umpires, your umpiring accreditation is managed by Cricket Australia. Previously accredited umpires will be asked to do reaccreditation each 4 years.

Accreditation gives you recognition for your umpiring qualifications and puts you in touch with resources to maintain your knowledge and skills in cricket umpiring throughout Australia. Accredited umpires are better for cricket and provide confidence to players in their umpires.

Relevant to QSDCA there are 2 levels of Accreditation (there are other levels for elite cricket.)

  • Community Officiating (similar to the old “level 1”)
  • Representative Officiating (similar to the old “level 2”)


1. You’ll be sent an email well before your expiry date via your previously registered email address. If you can’t receive email on that address then contact the Association and we’ll try to find out what can be done.

2. Go to this website https://www.community.cricket.com.au/umpire/reaccrediation

3. Login… (check guides below for steps) to check your previous training records, to access courses, to access umpiring resources and guides.

4. These pdf guides will help you navigate the website.

Note: Last page of “Accessing Community and Representative Reaccreditation” details how to obtain your reaccreditation certificate. Also Cricket Australia is no longer issuing Umpire ID cards.

5. Once the online learning relevant to your reaccreditation is complete, please complete this form and send it to secretary@qsdca.com.au

 Thanks for your persistence with reaccreditation. It tales a little effort but it will reward you out on the field of play.




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