Improve the facilities at your cricket ground.

We all want better facilities and grounds and valuable work is done by dedicated people in many clubs.

But did you know Qld Cricket provides a generous affiliate grant to the Association for use in improving club facilities?  This was discussed at the recent Club Presidents’ Forum.

These are the starting Guidelines for Club grants from the Association.

QSDCA Grant Guidelines

1. Must be up to date with all Fees Owing to QSDCA.

2. Must be for Capital Items directly used for Playing Surfaces.

This includes, but is not limited to the following:
• Covers (not hessian, trolleys etc.) Amount capped at ABC Tarps price for 15 x 30 metre covers ($2,140 incl GST in 2018/19 season).
• Mowers (including Cylinder Mowers)
• Rollers
• Does not include maintenance of any of these items.

3. Invoice must be billed direct to QSDCA unless club itself is registered for GST or is part of a larger co-funding amount of which details must be provided to QSDCA.

4. Must not apply to QSDCA for a grant for the same item within 5 years.

5. Must include promoting QSDCA as a sponsor in any advertising or promotion of the grant equipment in any social media and news print media.


Contact the Association Secretary with your ideas soon

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