Guidelines in place for Community Cricket across Australia stress the need to avoid sharing any equipment. QSDCA has decided to renew following directive about bowlers’ hats, sunglasses, jumpers and other equipment.

For the 2021/22 season, the bowler may place their personal and other equipment (hat, sunglasses etc) on the ground behind the bowler’s end umpire before beginning their over.

If the ball in play strikes the equipment umpires are directed that there will be no penalty under Law (2017 ed) and play will continue.

This means:

  • no dead ball

  • no 5 penalty runs

  • play on

for the ball in play hitting the bowler’s hat, sunnies etc which were placed on the ground behind the bowler’s end umpire’s position at the start of the over.


  1. This applies to the current bowler of the over in play only.

  2. This penalty will still apply for not in use fielder’s or wicket-keeper’s helmets, discarded wicket-keeper’s gloves, other players’ hats, jumpers, or any other discarded fielder’s items or objects on the ground which make contact with the ball in play. See Law 28

  3. Piles of equipment which include both fielders’ and current bowler’s items will not be exempted from dead ball, 5 penalty runs.

This will apply for all QSDCA competitions for the 2021/22 Season.

On behalf of the QSDCA Management Committee

16 Sep 2021


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