Frogbox Live Streaming

The Association has acquired two Frogbox kits for coverage of selected matches.

You can see highlights of previously covered matches at the Frogbox Streaming website.

Simply select the grade, round and game to view highlights or the whole day’s play.

Obviously finals and rep matches are targets for coverage. But if you want to try it out at your game please let the committee know by email

Be aware that the Frogbox system requires the use of Live Scoring to score the game. See

This is a great way to save a lot of after game homework. Scores, teams and match results can be uploaded in an instant. No after match typing!


Be warned there are some privacy and consent issues to deal with.

  2. Here is the LIVE STREAMING WARNING NOTICE. LINK  This is to be posted nearby the Frogbox equipment in use at the ground.
  3. Here is the SOCIAL MEDIA DECLARATION for individual participants (eg. Umpires, scorers, game visitors) . LINK
  4. Here is the SOCIAL MEDIA DECLARATION for clubs (ie. for use by clubs at the start of the season) LINK

When either side or a participant has not provided consent in writing, it will not be possible to use Frogbox.

Any questions or suggestions please contact

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