Captains & Umpires Meeting

UPDATED 11-Sep-2023

Custodians of Cricket Meeting for Captains and Umpires (To be scheduled in the week prior to start of the season.)

The Laws of Cricket

NEW 2022 Code (starts 22/23 Season)
(2017 Code 3rd edition)

What's new in the 2022 Edition

NEW for 2022/23 Season

New Version of Law 38.3 “Mankads”

(in force 19-Jan-2023)   Just the text CLICK HERE

Preamble – The Spirit of Cricket 2015 and 2017 versions


Video explainer of the New Laws of Cricket

~20 minutes…. Beware media personalities!!

QSDCA Playing Reguations

Cricket Etiquette



QC 2022 Using the Online COB Form


QC Code of Behaviour



Questions for Discussion



QC 2022 Law Changes Presentation (pdf)


Penalty Runs Quick Guide

 This comes from the MCC.  LINK

Law 42 is suspended in Subbies Cricket.

Interesting and Surprising New Laws (2017)

File size 6.78MB

Summary of the New 2017 Laws by the M.C.C.

File size 3.73MB

Laws Explainer Videos

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