Safeguarding Children and Young People


Cricket Australia Action Plan for Recruitment Screening and Induction

Cricket Australia Child Safety Acknowledgement Form

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    • The QSDCA Management Committee has endorsed and adopted

      Cricket Australia’s Policy for Safeguarding Children and Young People.

This policy is dry but necessary in today’s legal environment. The purpose of it might be viewed by some as obvious and common sense  but the recent history from the Child Abuse Royal Commission (among other examples) shows that the ‘she’ll be right’ approach failed some decades ago.

This should not change much about how we go about the conduct of QSDCA cricket matches or any other association business. Some changes to registration forms and enrolment forms and some other things like the association personnel who require blue cards will be changed gradually over the next year or so.

Adoption of this policy does mean that child abuse issues will be taken seriously. It will be investigated properly and those found at fault will be dealt with under the law. Parents and children can be assured that Subbies cricket is a safe place for kids to play cricket.

ABM 5-Jan-2019

Links to the policy and codes documents below.

In accordance with these policies, the QSDCA has appointed an association Member Protection Information Officer.

The QSDCA Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) is:
Mel Lowings, QSDCA  President Ph 0419 739 826