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Grand Finals 2021/2022 Season

Grand finals for each of 7 Saturday grades were played on the weekend of 26+27 March. Results are as follows: B1    At Oliver Sports, Springwood def. Wellington Point scores TBC B2    At Hubner Park No.1, Indooroopilly 10/96 & 7/107 def. by Park Ridge 10/155 B3   ...

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Saturday Competition Semi finals 19+20-Mar-2022

Congrats to qualifying teams and commiserations to those whose season is now complete. Please note the following semi finals set for next weekend and venues. Each day's play will be 90 overs starting 10am. QSDCA Semi-Finals 19+20-Mar-2022         Grades TEAMS    ...

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Status of QSDCA Matches for the weekend 12+13-Mar-2022

Please refer to the list of revised venues for this weekend's matches as shown below. Sunday 50 and Over 40's Grand Finals are included in this list.  All Saturday competition matches will be 35 over One Day matches starting at 1pm. Please remember there will be a...

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Matches for the weekend 12+13-Mar-2022

Message to: All Secretaries (Saturday, Sunday 50 and Over 40's competitions), Umpires QSDCA There will be some cricket in QSDCA this weekend, subject to rain of course. At a CricketOps meeting tonight (Wed 9-Mar) it was established that 4 grounds are out of action, 1...

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QSDCA Frogbox Acquired

The Association has recently acquired two Frogbox kits for coverage of selected matches. So far some experimental coverage of just a few games has been made. You can see highlights of covered matches at the Frogbox Streaming website.

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QSDCA Delegates Meeting Held 6-Dec-2021

Delegates representing 18 clubs met at Ian Healy Room Qld Cricket HQ in Albion on Monday 6 Dec 2021. Thanks to any clubs who responded with apologies. Any other clubs which did not respond should expect small fines for non-attendance in the next bill. FINES – MEETINGS...

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