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New Playing Regulations released

New editions of the Playing Regulations for all three current competitions (Saturday, Sunday 50 and Super 20) have been added to the website. See

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NEW Playing Regulations Summary

Here's a short summary of recent Playing Regs changes for Season 2019/20: (The numbering is from the Notices of Motion, sorry...) The AGM 15-Jul-2019 and the EGM on 12-Aug made all these decisions. SATURDAYS... 1. Reg 10.23 New ball every 80 overs (not 75) was...

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New website

Well it’s up. If you want to find something then the new Site Map is here There’s some wobbly links but they’ll be fixed soon…. let me know if you see anything seriously wrong. (Email Anthony at This has been...

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Membership forms out to clubs

Rubber's about hit the road for Season 2019/20 Membership Forms are posted here. Existing clubs all received a prefilled membership form over the last weekend... simply change anything that needs changing,...

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(TO BE CONFIRMED) Type Time and Date Venue Agenda Secretaries/ Extraordinary General Meeting 7.30PM Mon, 12-Aug-2019 Ian Healy Room, Albion Club Affiliation Forms/ Notices of Motion esp. Helmets Policy Umpires 7.30PM Thu, 22-Aug-2019 Ian Healy Room, Albion Umpire...

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Proposed Season Format SUNDAY 50 OVER

(TO BE CONFIRMED) Round 1 22-Sep 50 Over One day Match Round 2 to 7 6 Oct, 20 Oct, 3 Nov, 17 Nov, 1 Dec, 15 Dec 50 Over One day Match Round 8 to 10 12 Jan, 2 Feb, 16 Feb 50 Over One day Match Semi Final 23 Feb 50 Over One day Match Grand Final 1 Mar 50 Over One day...

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