Meeting was held mostly by Zoom Video Conferencing on Monday 7-Sep-2020.

Some clubs reported technical difficulties in joining the meeting. Here are some key points for those who missed them.


  • New balls, scorebooks, regs books and team lists will be via a pickup at Bruce’s shop when available.
    • Announcement via email soon.
    • Address is Aquafresh, 76 Farrington St, Alderley.
    • Please let us know how many balls you need. Next ball issue will be December
    • Note: Some new balls will not have the QSDCA logo (Kookaburra’s Victoria factory is experiencing trouble.)
    • Teams are requested to use the no logo balls first where possible.
  • Certificate of Currency
    • Some clubs are yet to file a CofC:
    • There may be difficulty at JLT in Melbourne. If you have trouble ring ’em on 1300 130 373.
  • Grading/Draw
    • 4 requests for regrading are under consideration. Outcome later this week.
    • The draw for early rounds will be out this weekend.
    • Discussion was held about the proposal to split the Sunday 50 comp into two groups of 5 teams. This would mean a bye v bye game every weekend between spare teams from each group. Bruce will make an announcement about this issue in a day or two.
    • Costs for Super 20 were announced as Affiliation $110, and each match will be $35 each team for the umpire, ball ($20 tbc), wicket fee $55.
    • Invoiced monthly. no money on the day.
    • Super 20 Prize money – Semi final runners up $150 each, Grand Final runner up $500, Grand Final winner $1500.
    • Costs for the Sunday 50 were confirmed as Affiliation $165, each match $70 each team for the umpire, wicket fee $110, ball $37.
    • Invoiced monthly. no money on the day.
    • Confirmed wicket fees will be charged for washed out matches.
    • See
  • Warnings about player registration and clearances.
  • Match results (scores, teams, umpires reports) must be entered in MyCricket by 11.59p Wed deadline.
    • Expect fines, points, locked entry after deadline.
  • Capts and Umpires meeting next Wed 16-Sep is cancelled.

ABM 9.9.20