Recently in an Over 40B match on 15-Oct-2023, the match was played in a one ended fashion.

A wet and worn bowling crease area at one end of the pitch prompted Captains and umpire to get together. They decided to play from one end of the pitch only.


This is not ok because it directly violates Law 17 .

17.1 Number of balls
The ball shall be bowled from each end alternately in overs of 6 valid balls.

At a recent Committee meeting the decision was made to

1) allow the match result on 15-Oct to stand 

2) advise that in future all matches must be played from alternating ends of the pitch.

Captains’ ‘agreements’ must not override the laws of cricket.

If one end is unplayable, play will be suspended until it is safe to play from both ends.


Please could captains and umpires be aware of this for all matches in future.

QSDCA Management Committee