Ahead of Round 1 starting this weekend please find a checklist below for your Club and Team representatives – please share through your network as needed.

CHECKLIST FOR ROUND 1 (See LINKS for more details)

  • All Players are registered (including any Permit requests) and assigned to their Squad(s) – note any unregistered player may not be insured.
  • Coaches / Managers (Scorers) have been assigned and saved to a Squad(s) and/or granted E-Scoring access (where planned)
  • Team has been selected (Admin site or My Teams) – note edits can be made in E-Scoring, up to time of coin toss.
  • Printable Team List form for umpires and opposition captains CLICK HERE
  • E-Scoring Website – https://ca.score.playhq.com (Admin access required at the Club / Association level)
    • Quick Reference Guide – CLICK HERE
    • Demo “Test Drive” Match – CLICK HERE
    • End of Game Process on Scoring computer– Submit Game Result (including Pin) -> Sync Result (refresh if needed) -> End Session and Logout
  • Video Resources (Team Selection, e-Scoring, results entry, use of MyTeams, 4 videos, about 30 minutes)– CLICK HERE

  • Paper Scorebooks
    • Download and print your own scoresheets: (1 and 2 day) CLICK HERE, Super 20 CLICK HERE
    • For each game it’s all paper scorebooks both innings OR PlayHQ eScoring (with paper as backup) both innings.
    • If your game starts e-Scoring, don’t stop e-Scoring. Make sure of the opposition’s scoring method before start of play. (Both innings!)
    • Paper scorebook games have until Wednesday midnight to submit results, scores, details. (E-Scoring is press two and a half buttons, all done.)


  • AND IF THERE’S RAIN, Average Run Rate is back…. CLICK HERE for details


MATCH DAY SUPPORT (Cricket Australia)

Clubs can contact their local Cricket Manager.

For Clubs who wish to speak to someone over the phone immediately we ask they contact Cricket Australia on 1800 274 25 38.

 ANDREW KEYTE (Qld Cricket) Andrew.Keyte@qldcricket.com.au

“I am happy to assist Clubs with any late requests but given the volume of requests I kindly ask that email be the first point of call, even if that is to request a time to call back.”



  •  Club Starter (creating registrations) – Tuesday 12th September @ 6:30pm – Register Here
  • Club Manager (squad entry, user access and player movement) – Monday 18th September @ 6:30pm – Register Here
    • See Club Onboarding document at the Queensland Cricket website link below for pre-recorded links to these tasks
  • Game Day & E-Scoring (team selections, match results, player stats and E-Scoring) – Thursday 14th September @ 6:30pm – Register Here


  •  Queensland Cricket PlayHQ Resources (all pre-season training material including full onboarding pack) – CLICK HERE
    • Includes full onboarding document with all Queensland training material
    • Video Playlists
    • Player and Parent information
    • Upcoming PlayHQ training opportunities