In PlayHQ, Player movement is potentially a significant challenge to all Club operations and represents major change from the MyCricket process.

• Under MyCricket player movement was requested and went through, and then approved / denied after the fact

• Under PlayHQ the movement is stopped until approvals are confirmed – this literally prevents a player from registering and/or being selected in a team until it’s approved by both Clubs and/or Associations

Moving forward in PlayHQ:

• TRANSFER – Permanent movement from one Club to another, and cancels the registration at the initial Club (no longer available to be selected in a team).

o The cancellation does NOT apply when changing Clubs for a different season

o Current Winter 2023 players can transfer to a new Club for Summer 23/24 and will remain active for the remainder of the Winter 2023 season

• PERMIT – Allows the player to be active in more than one Club or Competition, and does not cancel their registration.

o Most common for those playing both Junior and Senior Competitions, or in more than one Association

o Permit can only be issued after the player has registered online for that season

Queensland Cricket recommends:

• If your Club / Competition does not wish or need to monitor player movement, set up automatic approvals (Transfers & Permits menu -> Settings)

• If your Club / Competition does wish to monitor player movement, set up notifications (My Organisation -> Overview -> Notifications) and be prepared to action as it is preventing player registration

• Review and share the Player Information pack to assist your players and parents, specifically those involved in Winter 2023 competitions


This article explains the steps for clubs to set up a permit.  LINK

Player permits have been set at Auto Approval by QSDCA and CCC to enhance player movement processes.

BUT clubs must remain mindful of Playing Regulations about player grading. Downward moves are still subject to rules like QSDCA Playing Regulation 4.6. In PlayHQ such moves are recorded and reports from PlayHQ will be monitored. Don’t assume no one is watching.

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