As in previous seasons, all QSDCA clubs are required to file their Insurance certificate with the QSDCA Secretary.

Many clubs will have current insurance from their winter competitions. That insurance will remain current for Winter 2024 (until 30-Jun-2024).

Rather than a single premium payment payable at the start of each season, under the PlayHQ system the insurance is paid through the Play HQ National Registration Fee ($22.50 for seniors, $16 for junior players)     See this Youtube video

So the bill might already be paid.


Please do these steps to check.

  • complete the Risk Management module. (10 easy questions about the insurance policies…. any q’s ring Marsh on 1300 130 373)
  • Download the certificate
  • email it to 

Teams with no filed Insurance Certificate of Currency will not be permitted to take the field until insurance certificate is filed. (Not kidding! Did this to 3 clubs last season.)

QSDCA Management Committee