Several clubs have reported difficulties in making replacement players work in PlayHQ for 2 day matches on Saturdays.

For several years, 2 day matches in QSDCA and CCC have permitted up to 3 named replacements (under QSDCA Reg 23.1, CCC Reg 18.1) and unexpected replacements on application (under Reg 23.2, CCC Reg 18.2)

There are many match settings programmed into PlayHQ. Two of these settings control the maximum number of batters and the maximum number of team members permitted.

Up to now for 2 dayers, in both QSDCA and CCC this has up to today been set at 11 batters and 14 team members.

It is now apparent this causes problems for e-scorers and for entering results in PlayHQ when named replacements come to bat or when an unexpected replacement is added to a team with 3 already named replacements (i.e. the team lineup grows past 14 in total.)

Following Andrew Keyte’s (Qld Cricket) advice, the maximum batters and players setting for 2 day teams in QSDCA and CCC have both been increased to 16.

  • This applies to all 2 day matches and is effective for all past and upcoming matches.
  • This means a scorer using e-scoring needs to end the innings manually after 10 wickets, but allows replaced players to be retired and changed players to continue their innings.
  • This means 15th and 16th players can be added to teams.

Maximum batters and team members for all other competitions and Saturday 1 dayers remains unchanged.

Finals Eligibility

Currently the rules say “players listed for abandoned or forfeited matches count towards finals eligibility” (QSDCA Reg 13.7, CCC 13.6) and “any replaced or replacement player will be counted as appearing in the whole match in the grade in which that player commenced the match” (QSDCA Reg 23.2.21, CCC Reg 18.2.31)

In other words, regulations in both QSDCA and CCC say that named replacements and unexpected replacements (the 16) count towards finals eligibility.

PlayHQ team lists are used to record player appearances.

To counter the possibility of ‘stacking’ teams should expect that team lineups with more than 14 names will need to be supported by evidence of cricketops approval QSDCA Reg 23.2 (or CCC Reg 18.2). Please see for more.

Apologies for the team lineup hassles with replacement players. PlayHQ and the QSDCA/CCC rules (and setup) are obviously not 100% compatible at this stage. I hope we can continue working through any issues.

Please advise or if any extra time is needed to complete this week’s results in each competition.

ABM 1-Nov-2023 on behalf of QSDCA Committee