About next Monday night’s Secretaries Meeting we have learned that the meeting venue at Albion is unavailable Monday due to public health restrictions.

So the meeting will proceed using Zoom teleconferencing for all attendees.

We can use Zoom’s phone in feature for any members who may not be internet ready. Please contact secretary@qsdcca.com.au for technical assistance well ahead of the meeting  if needed.

If anyone needs any help to use Zoom phone or Zoom internet please contact me directly so I can arrange a try-out sometime over the next few days.

Meeting will discuss formats and the arrangements for the coming season.

Meantime, could clubs please continue to send in your membership and nomination forms distributed last weekend. Also anyone who wishes to pay bills by cheque please can you re-consider electronic payment. If this is not possible please arrange sending items by post.

Any questions please email secretary@qsdca.com.au

ABM 13.8.21