In recent seasons, QSDCA has undertaken to develop new sub-committees and working groups, with a view to:

– Facilitating additional Club input into the running of the Association

– Facilitating collaboration and sharing the workload between Clubs and volunteers

The Association is now seeking expressions of interest for these sub-committees and working groups for the 2022/23 season. These EOIs are separate from Management Committee nominations (although you can nominate for both if you wish).

QSDCA will be extremely grateful for your support. Each person who volunteers will receive the following:

– Relevant training

– Access to online communication forums with fellow QSDCA volunteers

– Access to the QSDCA volunteer rewards & recognition program (currently under development) 

The Association will endeavour to provide opportunities for people in their area/s of interest. If there aren’t opportunities in your preferred area/s, we’ll contact you to discuss any other ways you’d like to contribute. Most importantly, we want you to enjoy volunteering! 

You can view the sub-committee / working group charters and duty lists by clicking on them below. Please express interest in any areas that interest you via the following form:

EOIs are requested by Monday 18 July, to enable the new Management Committee to confirm sub-committees and working groups, post the AGM.

Supporting Documents

– QSDCA sub-committees and working groups’ structure

– Cricket Operations sub-committee and working groups (draw, grading, bridging competition and veterans competition)

– Finance sub-committee and working groups (record-keeping, facilities and grants)

– Marketing sub-committee and working groups (functions, social media, sponsorships and websites)

– Umpiring sub-committee and working groups (recruitment, selection and education)

– Conducts sub-committee and working groups (appeals panel, conducts commissioners, conducts panel members, liaisons and member protection)

Courtesy, Michael Fisher (Sport Governance Consultant)