The pre-season Delegates Meeting is to be held on Monday 7th September, 2020.

Venue: Ian Healy Room Qld Cricket HQ, Albion  Zoom Videoconferencing Time: 7.30pm start

Welcome to the new Season to all returning clubs and some new ones.

This Delegates Meeting will be a Zoom Meeting. Due to the ongoing public health crisis we are unable to hold a meeting of more than 10 persons. As this is impractical for our purposes we’ll resort to using video conferencing.

Important topics for discussion include:

  • COVID-19 Safety Plans
  • New Laws and Playing Conditions
  • Gradings
  • Arrangements for Distribution of scorebooks, balls and other materials

Anyone who wants to join the meeting will need a Zoom Invite. Please contact the Secretary (below).

Please be advised that the Captains and Umpires Meeting scheduled for 16-Sep-2020 will be abandoned

The season WILL START on time on Saturday 19th September 2020.

Please do not hesitate to email or telephone Bruce Lawson 0411 594 846 if you have any questions.

Anthony Martin,  QSDCA Assistant Secretary