he QSDCA Club Risk Review and Treatment Plan is a dry and technical document but it’s purpose is quite important for this association.

Do you have a ground to play cricket on? What’s keeping it that way?

Recent history has shown that there is considerable competition among community groups and sporting clubs for green space within the Brisbane area. The Management Committee has sought this Review and Treatment Plan in response to the problems of lease validity and continued future access for QSDCA cricket matches.

Club tenancy agreements with landlords and lease holders need to be improved to avoid future repeats of problems faced in recent seasons. Clubs and Management Committee will be encouraged to assess their tenancies in coming months.

More details will follow in upcoming pre-season meetings.

QSDCA Club Risk Review and Treatment Plan – SUMMARY FOR CLUBS (including Tenancy Agreement Fact Sheet for Clubs)  LINK

QSDCA Management Committee 29-6-23