Some further official information about the current Community Sport restrictions has been received,  courtesy of Qld Cricket and Qld Health, and is reprinted below.

The restrictions apply until 4pm Sunday 22 August. They have lawful effect.

These restrictions will not affect any QSDCA competition matches (because none are scheduled) but training and practice sessions and any pre-season trial matches could be affected.

Please follow the public health restrictions carefully to avoid any trouble.

You should expect further updates toward the end of next week.

Hopefully the season start on 18 September will be unaffected.

ABM 13.8.21

Qld Cricket/Community Sport COVID-19 Sport Update 13 August

There has been some more detail added regarding Community Sport & the COVID restrictions that apply.

Please see the most recent COVID community sport update:

Below is key advice relating to COVID and community sport, however please take the time to follow the link above to review the restrictions yourself and how they apply to your club and members.


  • If you live in an impacted area or are operating in an impacted area you are not allowed to play cricket or organised sport of any description.
  • Individual, private coaching lessons are permitted where the total number of the group is 10 or less. However, you may not participate in club organised cricket, including training sessions, of any kind.
  • You can play sport recreationally with your friends, such as cricket, as long as there is no more than 10 of you and you wear a mask while playing.

With this, QLD Cricket would advise all clubs & associations to adhere to these recommendations and cancel/postpone any cricket that this affects. Please also keep in mind, that these restrictions are not just placed on facilities within this area, but also members who have been within the hotspot areas throughout the key period of time.

The QLD Cricket website will be up to date with all of the most recent advice from State Government by the end of today. (