QSDCA has consolidated Competitions on PlayHQ to enable a simpler registration and management process for Clubs – the new structure will enable players to move seamlessly between competitions and avoid the manual permit process. You will now find a single QSDCA Competition and each Grade will be listed within this.

 The additional competitions have been changed to ‘Do Not Use’ and will be removed by Queensland Cricket in coming days. For those Clubs who had registrations and/or participants created under the old structures Queensland Cricket will be in touch with administrators directly to plan forward, but you will not require any players to register again.



  •  For Clubs without Admin Logins – these will be created and communicated by Queensland Cricket
  • All Clubs should complete the 5 Registration Steps for the QSDCA and/or CCC Competition:
    1. Accept the Invitation
    2. Create Registration Form
    3. Create your Teams
    4. Assign Teams to Grades
    5. Allocate players to squads (Teams menu)




  • Club Onboarding Support section includes the full pre-season training manual (see pages 21 – 27 for the above 5 steps) and video playlists. This document is designed to be used in conjunction with the formal training webinars and videos.


  • Note and share the Player information document and player movement (Transfers & Permits):
    • All players must register online every season
    • If the player is registering to a different Club they will need to complete a Transfer – this includes those currently playing for a different Winter 2023 Club
    • If the player is registering to a second Club they will need to complete a Permit – this is for players already registered to a Club for the Summer 23/24 Season (player must be registered for Summer 23/24 before a Permit can be issued)


  • Queensland Cricket recommends attending the upcoming training webinars or using the video links in the Onboarding documents to assist with your first season:
    • Club Starter (initial onboarding and creating registrations) – BOOK HERE
    • Club Manager (managing registered participants, player movement and user access) – BOOK HERE
    • Game Day & E-Scoring (match results, player stats and E-Scoring) – BOOK HERE


  • Club Administrators – your local Cricket Manager or direct with Andrew Keyte (QSDCA & CCC)
  • Players (Registration, Cricket ID, Player Stats) – direct with Cricket Australia:


Please contact Queensland Cricket or the Cricket Australia Help Desk if you require any assistance or have any questions about the above process, and we strongly recommend either attending the training sessions or consulting the resources to ensure a smooth transition to PlayHQ.

from Qld Cricket 12-Aug-2023