The new Subbies cricket season will begin in Sat 17-Sept.

It’s time for your Club’s membership renewal for 2022/23.

There are two forms to complete:

  • Club Membership (due by Secretaries Meeting 15-Aug) NOW PAST DUE and
  • Team Nomination (due by Delegates Meeting 6-Sep (date now confirmed)

The new online entry forms are almost completely online and will involve a little typing but much less paperwork, scanning, and emailing.

The paper/pdf versions of the two forms are still available (if you prefer).

Click here to make your choice.

Please email all returns to  (Post or hand in at a meeting ok also)

There is a new Social Media Declaration Form included in Club Membership. The purpose of this is to deal with privacy and consent issues to allow use of Frogbox Internet Video coverage of QSDCA cricket matches. There are some important issues to consider which you can read about here. (

Club admins may need to consider the implications of the Social Media Declaration carefully. If you have questions please get in touch with me or Bruce.

There are 7 competitions on offer this season.

They are:

  • the Community Cricket Championship (CCC) (combining the best of Warehouse Association and Subbies A1 and A2),
  • The Saturday afternoon competition (1 and 2 day cricket on turf wickets as played in Brisbane since 1919)
  • the Pilot Bridging Competition – youth focussed cricket
  • Veteran’s Over 40’s Sundays
  • Sunday 50 Over competition
  • Super 20 competition
  • and a New Womens’ Community cricket competition (details TBA)

Watch out for more promo info about these in coming weeks. These competitions are aimed at providing extra opportunities for more players and clubs to use grounds on more days.

New Playing Regulations are in preparation and a new edition of the Laws of Cricket will be in place for the new season. More details about these will be announced soon.

Fees and fines for 2022/23 are posted now at
First weekend of play is planned for 17 & 18 September.

Extra information for **NEW** clubs

All matches are played on turf pitches. Red ball cricket uses quality Kookaburra balls supplied at a subsidised discount prices.

You can get a detailed idea of the competitions, grounds and rounds from last year’s matches and scores in MyCricket here:

All 2022/23 costs for all competitions are shown here:

All fees are sent by a monthly invoice. There is no need to handle cash at matches.

Summer competitions will start at various dates from 17/18 September onwards. Watch out for announcements.

To join any competition please complete forms at this website

If you have any more questions please email back. If you want to discuss anything please call a committee member. Phone numbers are found here:

Anthony Martin, QSDCA Asst Secretary