Here’s a short summary of recent Playing Regs changes for Season 2019/20:

(The numbering is from the Notices of Motion, sorry…)

The AGM 15-Jul-2019 and the EGM on 12-Aug made all these decisions.


1. Reg 10.23 New ball every 80 overs (not 75) was DEFEATED (We’re staying on new ball after 75 overs)
2. Revised Reg 15 Play-offs and Premiership Matches (Saturdays) (new version of Sat Reg 15)
5. Added Reg 7.14 Replacements for Seriously Injured Players (new rule)
9. Added Reg 9.4 Law 12.6 Last Hour of Match – Number of Overs is suspended (new rule)
23. Revised Reg 7.12 Replacements for Representative Cricket Duty
24. Added new Reg 7.13 Replacements for Player called to Premier Cricket (was called 7.16) (new rule)


6. Sunday 50
Sunday Reg 26 Matches to use Use Net Run Rate instead of Bonus Points
Sunday Reg 7.15 Revised “Super Sub” Rule


10. Updated Appendix E Bowling Injury Prevention (Underage Bowling) This is published in Cricket Australia’s Well Played booklet.
12. New helmet regulations (Appendix K)
– 2019/20 is meant to be the year that helmets for all batsmen is due.
– We chose a flexible option with lighter enforcement that it is acceptable to Cricket Australia.
14. Small additions to Sat Reg 4 Clearance Conditions for Grade (Premier Cricket) players.
15. Small additions to Reg 15 Qualification rules for players in finals.
16. Changes to Reg 7.1-7.10 Team List Regulation
– full names to be used on team lists (no ‘nick’ names, no initials)
– emphasize registration and clearance needed for players
18. Some new Reg 16 Season’s Awards
– Sunday 50 Mel Lowings Cup Most Runs in a season, Most wickets in a season in each grade.
– Umpire Most improved/Encouragement Award
21.Update some coverage figures Appendix I National Club Risk Protection Program.
22. Confirm Changes to Appendix A Code of Behaviour
– New Level 1 Breach of Behaviour Report
– Ball tampering is a Level 3 offence
– ‘dissent’ has a more simple definition

New complete Playing Regulations to be released at this website in a day or so.

ABM 13-Aug-2019