Message to:

All Secretaries (Saturday, Sunday 50 and Over 40’s competitions), Umpires


There will be some cricket in QSDCA this weekend, subject to rain of course.

At a CricketOps meeting tonight (Wed 9-Mar) it was established that 4 grounds are out of action, 1 is TBA, and 17 grounds are possible or likely to go ahead barring further intervention from the weather. (Generally, it won’t take much rain to make any ground unplayable. But we face that same possibility any and every weekend.)

Plans have been discussed to move some matches to other grounds and to move some matches to Sunday afternoon. Options are limited but there are some. The aim is to find a ground for every game (but that might not be possible.)

No moves have yet been finalised.

There are plans for Sunday 50 and Over 40’s Grand Finals at grounds familiar to participating teams.

Any moves will be announced on Friday via an email like this one (or a post at ). Please stay tuned for that announcement.

To Clubs:

  • If your ground status changes then please advise ASAP.
  • If your team is unable (or reluctant) to play a Sunday afternoon match at such short notice then let’s hear that too.
  • Saturday competition matches will be 35 over one dayers which will conclude the season 2021/22 preliminary rounds.

To umpires:

  • Watch out for late switches to another match. Please check your phone or email on Friday night/Saturday morning.

After an enforced break and it being last weekend of the season for many, this might be the last chance for a while to get a game in. So we’ll try our best.

Anthony Martin, QSDCA Asst Secretary


p.s. The status of CCC matches will be advised separately to this message.