The final Delegates meeting for Season 2020/21

Time: 7.30pm
Date: Monday 1-Feb-2021
Venue: Ian Healy Room, Albion,QC HQ

This Delegates Meeting will primarily be held in person. The meeting facility is limited to 37 persons. We do not anticipate the attendance will exceed this.

A small fine applies for clubs that fail to attend. Such fines can be avoided by sending apologies by return email..

Topics for discussion include:

  • COVID-19 Safety Plans
  • Player downgrades/clearances/behaviour
  • Grounds not in use
  • New ball distribution
  • Finals qualification for players See Playing Reg 35.15 Players must have 4 matches for Saturday competitions or 3 for Sunday Competitions) and Reg 35.19 Downgrade for players in consecutive teams in finals only.

If anyone wishes to attend by Zoom Videoconferencing please email to request it well ahead of the meeting. Last minute arrangements will not be available.

Anthony Martin, QSDCA Asst Secretary