This is your friendly reminder that many venues used for cricket matches in this association have some restrictions and rules regarding the consumption of alcohol.

So here’s an attempt to keep you all informed including any new clubs who may be unfamiliar with this topic.

The terms of lease agreements, the Liquor Act and the prohibition of liquor consumption in public apply in various situations.

The known situations are listed for each ground here:

In summary:

  • Alcohol and tobacco is prohibited on school grounds by State Government legislation.

This includes Indooroopilly High School, Windsor Park, St Laurence’s College Playing Fields, Mitchelton High School and any Education Queensland facility such as Carseldine Sports Complex. In the recent past, landlords have threatened to terminate lease agreements with clubs over alcohol consumption breaches. (i.e. A few beers could stop cricket being played there, seriously)

  • Licence provisions do not allow BYO alcohol to be consumed at facilities with liquor licences.

For any cricket ground with a liquor licence, BYO IS NOT permitted. Licence holders have a legal right to exclusive sales. Grounds with known liquor licences are listed at the website above.

  • Drinking alcohol in a public place including roads, footpaths, parks and beaches is prohibited in Queensland under the Liquor Act 1992.

In addition the QSDCA Playing Regulations forbid consumption of alcohol by players at matches during playing hours. (See Regulation 14.)

Please ask teams and captains to be aware of this issue and behave accordingly.

Any club which can provide updated information about their Liquor licence is invited to let the Association know by emailing

QSDCA Management Committee 15.10.2021