QSDCA are pleased to introduce the new ‘Community Cricket Championship’ (CCC) for 2021/22. This competition is being established as a joint initiative between QSDCA and Warehouse Cricket Association Queensland. The details of the proposed competition are as follows:


  • To provide an additional, engaging and enjoyable cricket competition for the top divisions of QSDCA and WCAQ.
  • To promote cricket in the community.


  • Cricket participants and Clubs seeking to play in QSDCA and WCAQ’s strongest competition.


  • Competition with two divisions.
    • Clubs can nominate for one or both divisions.
  • Competition format to be determined based on Club feedback but likely a mix of 2 dayers and 1 dayers.
  • Two umpires for first division matches. One umpire for second division matches.
  • Kookaburra four-piece match balls.
  • Competition rules similar to QSDCA competitions.
  • Clubs will be able to select players to move freely between the CCC and QSDCA/Warehouse competitions.


  • 2021-22 Summer Season (Saturday afternoons).


  • QSDCA and WCAQ Club and Association grounds (home and away).

Benefits (Clubs)

  • Promotion.
  • Opportunities for players to progress skills.
    • Second division provides a connection to the first division to create opportunities for Clubs/players to progress.
  • Potential to increase engagement with Club digital platforms.
  • Potential to increase Club sponsorship.

Benefits (Participants)

  • Opportunity to play against the best Community Cricket teams across both Associations.
  • Potential for live streaming / video footage and live scoring.
  • Other benefits as per QSDCA competiitons:
    • Play in season long Two Day / One Day competition (CCC T20 TBC).
    • Play on turf wickets.
    • Reasonably family-friendly playing times – Saturday afternoons.


  • Similar to QSDCA competitions.
    • Match balls for the top division are being provided via support from Queensland Cricket, which will offset the cost of an additional umpire.


For any enquiries please contact QSDCA by email subbiesccc@qsdca.com.au

To nominate teams please use the QSDCA 2021/22 Grade Nomination Form here.