Please note the following planned changes to start times for various cricket competitions. (Some are no change but this notice serves to confirm.)
QSDCA Saturday competitions
Round 5 29-Oct & 5-Nov will start 12.30pm
Round 6 12-Nov & 19-Nov will start 1pm and close of play will be 6pm
1pm starts will continue for Rounds 7 to 14.
Futures League (previously the Bridging Competition)
For all rounds play will be 12.45pm to 5.45pm. No changes planned.
Super 20 Kookaburra Cup
All afternoon matches will be pushed back to a 1.30pm start to prevent clashes with late running morning matches.
Morning matches will start 9.30am. No changes there.
MLC Sunday 50 over competition
All 10am starts. No changes planned.
GDC Over 40 competition
All 9.30am starts, No changes planned.
CCC Saturday competition
CCC admin has advised the following.
Round 5 29-Nov & 5-Nov will start 12 noon
Round 6 day 1 12-Nov will start 12 noon
Round 6 day 2 19-Nov (and all subsequent rounds) will start 12 noon ****LATE CHANGE****
All subsequent rounds will start 12.30pm
QSDCA Management Committee