All Teams Playing in any QSDCA Competitions – TAKE NOTE

Some clubs are in the position of being able to supply Canteen facilities for the teams playing at their grounds on a Saturday or Sunday.

Someone at that club is giving up their time to run that Canteen. We are asking all  players  to support the Canteen which will help any club affiliated to us.

Over the past few years, clubs have been advised at various times that where a club has a liquor licence, visiting teams are not to bring their own.

Number One  – They have a liquor licence and you will be breaking the law if you bring “your Own”
Number Two –  it is absolutely rude that you are interfering with the home clubs legal method of earning some income for opening their Canteen for the match.
The Committee has enough to deal with regarding:
a) shortage of grounds caused by lengthening of some summer sports
b) too many Saturday matches having to be played on Sundays that don’t suit some players / teams
c) players causing themselves to be placed on report by umpires         –        without having this Liquor issue to deal with.

ALL  CLUBS:    Please read this and ensure that your captains / players understand it.

The next club whose team  takes their own liquor to a match that supplies beer, etc under a liquor licence, will be dealt with as harshly as our rules / regulations will allow.
It is time to show respect for the Home club on this matter. If a team tries to argue that they were not told about this, that will be that  Clubs problem but, certainly that team / club will be dealt with.
I don’t need to name the Clubs that have caused this email to evolve but , you know who you are – show some respect for other clubs .

Ignorance of this instruction will not be accepted as an excuse .

Hopefully, all clubs will adhere to this .
Mel Lowings, President QSDCA