To All QSDCA Clubs :

As a result of a recommendation received from Cricket Australia and a further recommendation received from Queensland Cricket related to the continuing Coronavirus pandemic, the Management Committee of QSDCA has made the decision that the QSDCA Grand Final fixtures are hereby cancelled .

Whilst some players and clubs may disagree with the decision, it is made taking into account the health and safety of all players , committee members of the clubs and their families .

As a Committee , voted in by the clubs at an AGM, we understand that we are in place to look after the interests of all clubs and not just the few that may have a different point of view on this very serious matter of a pandemic .

The decision to cancel all Grand Finals for the 2019 /20 cricket season was not taken lightly or suddenly but it is the correct decision as the alternative could have created problems that we would not wish for .

Below is an excerpt from advice received from Queensland Cricket earlier today:-

“QC would recommend all forms of organized cricket in Queensland fall into line with CA’s advice, and we would urge our clubs and associations to stop training and playing from today,”

“This decision was not one that was taken lightly. Players, coaches, volunteers, administrators and supporters have all invested countless hours in preparing, training, playing and enjoying cricket during the season. But the safety of those individuals and their families is our number one priority and it is the right decision to recommend we stop playing now.”

The Management Committee will now work through awarding of Premierships over the coming week.

Mel Lowings, President QSDCA
Bruce Lawson, Honorary Secretary QSDCA

Cricket Australia Official Announcement


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QC Media Release 17 March 2020

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