The AGM and the Secretaries meeting was held last night, Monday 10-Aug.

22 people were in attendance at Ian Healy Room, Albion. Thanks to the 15 or so people who also attended by Zoom Video Conferencing. (I hope it wasn’t too frustrating an experience.) This means 21 of 25 Affiliate member clubs (this does not count Sunday only teams) were represented at the AGM.

A new Management Committee was appointed. Mark Irwin was made a Life Member of the Association. New Playing Regulations on helmets, cricket shoes, two day replacements, one dayer interruptions, leg side fielding restrictions (for Sunday 50 only) and renumbering of regulations were voted in by large majorities. The removal of the powerplay in Super 20 was not voted in. (We’re keeping the Powerplay in Super 20!!)

The new Playing Regulations will be posted here on the QSDCA website in a day or two.

There are some issues with obtaining Insurance Certificates of Currency due to JLT offices in Melbourne being subject to pandemic lockdown. Investigations are underway to overcome this. Hopefully there will be some news shortly.

The renaming for A1 and A2 competitions was floated. To promote the competition with other associations the A1 competition will be known as the Chatsworth Shield and the A2 competition will be known as the Paul Stafford Shield. Playing Conditions and venues will be unchanged from previous years.

Next meeting is the Delegates meeting on 7 September.

Anthony Martin, QSDCA Assistant Secretary