Please see below the draw for the 2019/2020 Grand finals.

There have been some changes

  • B3 – Brookfield vs Redlands will now be played at Underwood Park
  • C1 – WPC will now play Taringa for the premiership
  • C2 – Alexandra Hills vs Park Ridge will play at a main Redlands Tigers ground to be advised shortly.

The teams named in the attached draw will be confirmed tomorrow night as we are currently in the process of checking the qualifications of each of the players who played in the semi-final matches.

Players must eligible according to criteria in Playing Regulation 15.13.  See Saturday Playing Regulations for details.

Important Note – to home clubs or clubs hosting the match

The HOME TEAM or the HOST CLUB carries the responsibility that the pitch will be covered on Thursday afternoon, Friday afternoon and again on the Saturday after play .

Best of luck to all finalists.

Bruce Lawson, QSDCA Honorary Secretary