Ver 2.2 10 July 2023

This list shows suggested criteria used by Management Committee to decide team shirt approvals under Playing Regulation 8.2.

Management Committee reserves the right to vary these criteria as needed but this can be taken as a practical guide for clubs at the team shirt design phase.

These features are acceptable for team shirts for Saturday matches.
* Front or rear team or advertising logo – readable from sideline, maximum size 600cm2 (or 24.5cm x 24.5cm).
* Sleeve logos – one per sleeve only, max 5cm x 10cm
* Pinstripes or piping – thin and coloured
* Coloured collars
* Large numbers or names – back of shirt only, shortened names ok
* Maker’s logos
* Overall shirt will be 75% white

* Pants – pinstripes and coloured pockets ok

Things to avoid
* Red as a predominant or noticeable colour.
* Offensive slogans, images.

Team shirts and uniforms for Sunday matches may relax these features.

All team shirts and remain subject to Management Committee approval.
All members of the same team required to wear the same team shirt. Any exception will regular whites.Odd shirts and pants will be reported.

Captains will be held responsible for this.

All team shirt approvals will be made in writing. Please do not wear unapproved Team Shirts at QSDCA matches.

Any questions can be forwarded in writing to QSDCA Secretary by emailing

Please send your Team Shirt design for approval soon.

Anthony Martin, QSDCA Asst Secretary (On behalf of QSDCA Management Committee)