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Aqua Fresh

Providing Fresh, Clean and Safe Drinking Water to Australian Households

For 30 years, Aquafresh Water Purifying Systems has been providing affordable, high-quality water filtration and home filtration products.

We stock a range of products including Undersink and Benchtop Water Filtration Systems, Fridge Filters, Shower Filters, Water Chillers, Replacement Cartridges and Air Purifiers.

Our famous Alpine Water Purifying Range removes known water contaminants, tastes, odours, and chemicals whilst meeting Australian law standards.

Our Australian made and owned range is made right here in the heart of our warehouse, ensuring you have the highest and safest quality standards.

If you are looking to consume great-tasting filtered water, our team of water filtration specialists can advise and install the most suitable filtration system for your needs and budget.

With more and more chemicals increasingly added to our water, it's becoming so important to filter this out. Water filtration is a simple and effective way to support your health by removing these toxic chemicals from your tap water.

It's our expertise, reliability and professionalism that keep our customers coming back.

Our shop is located on the Northside of Brisbane in Alderley. We also do installations for Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Investing in a good water filter or purifying system is an investment in your and your family's health.

Contact us today at Aquafresh! Call us on (07)3355 1591 or Send us your enquiries.

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Farrington Street, Alderley Heights, Grange Heights, Alderley, Brisbane City, Queensland, 4051, Australia
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