QSDCA/CCC Grand Finals 25+26 Mar-2023


Team 1

(Higher qualifying)

  Team 2 Ground
B1 Springwood v Wellington Point
Oliver Sports
B2 Bracken Ridge v Cleveland McPherson Park
B3 Moggill v Kenmore Col Westaway Oval
C1 Muddies v Wellington Point William Taylor Memorial
C2 Park Ridge v Springwood Hubner Park No. 2
C3 Redland Sharks v Rochedale Charlie Buckler Memorial
C4 Everton v Taringa Windsor Park
CCC1 Coorparoo v Cleveland Underwood Park
CCC2 Everton v Brookfield Jim Neibling Oval


Please note:

Wet Weather

Note there are a few differences in CCC. See CCC Playing Regulation 10 for more information.

Playing Conditions

Results in MyCricket

  • To assist Trophy making please enter results into MyCricket ASAP.

Player eligibiilty

  • For details of finals player eligibility please read Playing Regulation 35.15 onwards carefully.
  • Any questions can be directed to cricketops@qsdca.com.au. (earlier in the week is better…)
  • All teams are advised that to play an ineligible player in a final is to risk disqualification.


  • Hosting clubs are required to use covers on their pitches Thursday, Friday and Saturday night regardless of weather. This includes clubs hosting semi-finals with two ‘foreigner’ teams.
  • Please contact secretary@qsdca.com.au urgently if there re any problems with doing this.
  • See this post on Roling the Pitch in Finals LINK


    QSDCA Management Committee 21-Mar-2023