The finals are coming up.

  • Sunday 50 and Over 40 Final 5-Mar (Reserve 12-Mar)
  • Saturday Semi Finals 18+19-Mar
  • Saturday Grand Finals 25+26-Mar

Rules for selection of venues, playing hours, minimum overs for finals are described in Playing Regulation 35 for each competition. (See LINK below.)


Here are a few things to think about prior to finals.


  • Please make sure your results are up to date in MyCricket.
  • Making a Final is often a close points decision and a missing result could lead to an error.
  • You should expect to be asked to put match details promptly following the end of upcoming matches.
  • Also many trophies are decided by results at the end of the regular rounds.



  • For Saturday teams, players must have played at least 4 matches to qualify for a Saturday final.
  • For Sunday teams, players must have played at least 3 matches to qualify for a Sunday final.

There are some exceptions (see Playing Regulation 35.5)

  • TIP 1: Please use the remaining round to ensure you qualify as many players as required. With 1 Round left you have some opportunity to make sure you have sufficient qualified players.
  • TIP 2: Make sure you have entered teams (even partly) for washouts and other call-offs. Each player entered this way COUNTS toward finals qualification. (However they will need to be added to the MyCricket appearance count manually.)
  • TIP 3: Players from lower grades with 4 matches are eligible.
  • TIP 4: Any player who has been replaced out or replaced in to a match (slash replacements or unexpected injury/rep/grade replacements) counts as a whole match.


Player records in MyCricket can be looked up easily. Go here and enter player details to check.



  • In the regular rounds, players must follow Playing Regulation 4 and 5.
  • Player downgrades in finals are permitted but follow DIFFERENT rules. (See Playing Regulations 35.15-35.23)

Any questions, please email


Please find a copy of FINALS PLAYER ELIGIBILITY REGULATIONS (35 for Saturdays, 4, 5 and 13) at this LINK.

For Sunday 50, Super 20 and Over 40’s finals see the website.

Venues, dates, times and teams (and afterwards, results) will be reported here


QSDCA Management Committee