There is a shortage of available grounds for Round 1 – Saturday 17-Sep.

20 or 21 grounds will be needed each weekend for QSDCA Saturday matches. Only 12 are available on 17-Sep, mostly due to ongoing maintenance or commitments to other sports.

Several alternatives have been approached and nothing is available.

That means that 8 or 9 of the 12 available grounds will be forced to host a “Saturday” fixture on Sunday 18-Sep. This will leave only 3 or 4 grounds for the Sunday fixtures on that day.

To accommodate this, competitions will begin as follows:

  • Saturday Competition – starts Saturday 17-Sep (no change) with a One Day 35 over match. Some games will be scheduled on Sunday 18-Sep. (The season will be 14 rounds including 4 x 1 dayers & 10 x 2 dayers.)
  • Mel Lowings Cup Sunday 50 Over Competition – starts Sunday 02-Oct ( two week delay). The season will be 10 rounds played each fortnight with a Final on Sunday 12-Mar. There will be no reserve day for the final.
  • Super 20 Kookaburra Cup – starts Sunday 25-Sep (no change). Season will be 10 rounds played each fortnight.
  • Geoff Doyle Cup Over 40’s – starts Sunday 25-Sep (no change). Season will be 9 rounds played each fortnight.
  • Futures League (prev. Bridging Competition) – starts Saturday 1-Oct (5 rounds to be concluded before Xmas). Subject to support there will be a Sunday competition in Futures League in February and March.

Regrettably, the Womens Competition is on hold for the time being.

The Season Calendar will be updated shortly.

Bruce Lawson, Honorary Secretary and the Management Committee