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Latest COVID-19 Safety Alerts From Qld Health


“Businesses, activities and undertakings

If your business is operating under a COVID Safe plan, you are not affected by the latest restrictions announced on 22 August 2020 for the Greater Brisbane and Ipswich areas.  This includes businesses operating under a COVID Safe Industry Plan, a COVID Safe checklist, COVID Safe Site Specific Plan or COVID Safe Event Plan.

You are reminded to ensure that your staff and customers observe social distancing, ensure customer details are retained, and ensure that any staff or customers who are showing any symptoms do not enter your premises.”

Qld Govt 22-Aug-2020

Health Inspectors and police have been observed at cricket matches and other sports in Brisbane in recent weeks.  Big fines and enforced shutdowns are on offer for people not sticking to their COVID-19 Safety Plan.

So each and every club needs a COVID Safety Plan and needs to stick to it.


This Safety plan for Wests SDCC is an example COVID Safe Industry Plan for cricket clubs.


Here’s a usable version of this COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Printable PDF     LINK

Editable DOC      LINK

What’s this for?

  • To make a COVID-19 Safe Plan for your club.

Submit Your Club's COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN

Each club is asked to fill out a COVID-19 Safety Plan for their ground(s) and send it to

Contact Trace Lists (aka “Register of Attendees”)

Based on the list in the 27 page guide at the website on the top of the list.

Editable Contact Trace List

Printable PDF        LINK

Editable DOC        LINK

What’s this for?
  • Part of your club’s COVID Safe plan.
  • Your club will complete this list of attendees for all players, spectators, visitors, umpires, officials attending each and every club event (training, cricket match, function, meeting).
  • Clubs must keep the list safe for 56 days after each and every event.
  • Provide to government health authorities when requested.
  • No need to submit it to QSDCA.

Other Downloads

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