• Before the start of play, any decision regarding the fitness of a ground for play will be made together by the captains of the teams drawn to play on that ground.
  • Such decision will be made after the Captains or their representatives have inspected the ground on the day of the match or waived their opportunity to do so.
    • Groundskeepers, advise your captains.
    • Captains,  go to  Club Contacts  page – then find the Opposition Captain or Club Official for your grade.
    • Each player contact your Captain to see if the match is on or off.
  • If the day’s play is called off then the Captains will tell the Umpires Coordinator for the association immediately.
    • UMPIRES CO-ORDINATORS         (Do not call until a decision on play is made)

Mel Lowings                   0419 739 826

Tim O’Malley                  0411 600 087

    • Umpire fees may apply if the umpires are not called off.
  • If the day’s play is called off then each Captains will tell their Club Secretaries.
  • If the day’s play is called off when the match is to be played at a neutral ground Captains will contact the Club Secretary of the host ground’s club also.


  • If the day’s play is not called off then umpires and players will attend the ground at the normal time for play.
  • For any match played on a School wicket, the school’s Principal or groundsman appointed by the Principal will have overriding authority to determine whether play will commence or continue.
    • eg. Mitchelton HS, Indooroopilly HS, Windsor Park, Rochedale SS



  • After play has commenced all decisions concerning the fitness of the pitch, ground, weather and light for play will be made by the Umpire(s).
  • In the absence of official umpire(s) Captains will agree about fitness of the pitch, ground, weather and light for play.
  • When captains are unable to reach an agreement, the state of the match will continue unchanged until agreement can be reached.


See Playing Regulations for more details. (Saturday Reg 17, Sunday Reg 29, Super 20 Reg 24)